Bespoke Acoustic Double Glazing Windows

Acoustic Glazing

One problem with traditional, single glazed windows is that they don’t block out noise from outside; traffic, rainfall and even the sound of voices can carry through the pane and cause undesirable living conditions.

If you are disturbed by unwanted noise, Wessex Restoration has the solution for you. By fitting laminated noise reducing glass to specially adapted sashes, we can help you significantly reduce external noise levels, providing you with a more peaceful working or living space.

Wessex Restoration uses Pilkington acoustic glass, a high quality acoustic laminated glass that offers excellent noise reduction without compromising on light transmittance or impact performance.

Soundproof window features

  • Cheaper than acoustic soundproofing a room
  • Available as a glazing upgrade or as new windows
  • Noise reducing glass
  • Single, Slimlite and double glazing available

Our Restoration Projects

We have carried out renovation projects on numerous properties in conservation areas and listed buildings. Read about some of our heritage restoration projects, including bespoke designs and replica period features!

Kresen Kernow Archive Centre
timber sash window renovation
Case study: Timber sash window renovation and repair
Tyndalls Park Road
Refurbishing Grade II listed building at the University of Bristol